Do you suffer from Jet Lag? If so ...

Discover How You Can Completely Avoid Jet Lag - Every Time You Fly - Following Simple Step By Step Approach ... Guaranteed!

By: Christian Goodman

Dear Jet lagged traveler,

If you suffer from devastating jet lag every time you fly, this will be the most important article you ever read.

Here is why...

Hi, my name is Christian Goodman, creator of the "Avoiding Jet Lat, Power Plan".

In this article, I'll demonstrate how I discovered this amazing plan that thousands of travelers all over the world are using to avoid becoming sick when they fly.

It doesn't matter if you're flying from Washington to Berlin, or Sidney to London. It is so simple, you can apply it to any traveling situation.

The program is built on both the most up to date, scientific sleep studies and my personal experience flying all over the world, several times a month.

You see ...

I'm always flying.

I've a home both in Colorado USA and Reykjavik Iceland and jump over the 7 time zones in between, as often as other people visit their grandparents.

I also frequently fly to Australia, Greece, Austria, Germany, England, Bali and many other places. Traveling is my hobby and main reason for living!

So you realize ...

I'm Faced With
Jet Lag Every Week!

In the past, I always used to suffer from horrible headaches, tiredness and nausea after flying. Wasting days of my trips being drowsy and out of shape.

I bought everything I saw advertised to stop jet lag. I also read every book and article on the subject. But nothing seamed to help.

Not even the $500 light nor the $39 a pack magic pills that where supposed to give me total relief (actually they made it worse).

I was even thinking of giving up traveling and sell one of my homes. Which would have meant giving up my dream life.

But then one day, for total coincident,

I Found An Amazing Solution That
Completely Changed My Life Forever ...

It is actually quite simple and I knew most of the facts before (you could find it all on the Internet). But till that day, I had never put the 2 and 2 together.

You see, your body has an Internal mechanism called "internal clock".

The internal clock counts 24 hours in the day. In these 24 hours it expects you to wake up at a certain time, eat meals at certain times, and go to sleep at certain times.

We call it being rested, being hungry and being tired. But it's actually all calculated by this amazing internal mechanism to manage our life unconsciously so you don't have to focus on this all the time.

... it happens automatically!

An aberration appears when you travel to a new time zone where the local clock is at a different time than your internal clock. When setting the internal clock off like that, you feel drowsy and sick.

It's the same if people stay up too long or sleep too long in the morning.

Now here is a key point ...

People stop feeling jet lagged as soon as their internal clock is back in harmony with the local time zone.

The problem with jet lag is that getting an internal clock in rhythm with the local time zone takes days, even weeks.

But I discovered a way to set your internal clock to the local time zone immediately when landing at your destination. ... or even before landing!

... so finally, you won't have to be tortured by jet lag every time you fly!

So ,Here Is How The
Solution For Jet Lag Works ...

There are 4 factors that control your internal clock and either keep it locked at your old time zone or change it to the local destination time.

In a similar way you set your watch by moving some buttons, you can use these 4 factors to move the hands on your internal clock ... effortlessly!

... even before the airplane touches the ground!

You will experience little or NO aberration between your internal clock and the local time at your destination.

...and therefore NO jet lag!

The crucial point in the plan is to apply all 4 factors at the same time to give your internal clock a clear message what time it really is.

... Neglecting This Crucial Point,
Is Why All Other Methods Have Failed!

After I began applying all 4 factors to avoid jet lag, I've never felt sick again after flying.

There are several simple methods to manipulate each factor.

In "The Avoiding Jet Lag Power Plan", I will give you step by step direction on how to change small things on your trip that systematically move your internal clock into the rhythm of your new local time and to totally eliminate your jet lag.

... even before it begins!

Here is only tiny part of
what you will learn ...

  • A simple, powerful action you can take, days before you fly, that causes you to avoid jet lag completely without putting any strain on your body. It is like you didn't really go anywhere.

  • Another simple approach that makes your body feel like you are landing in your local time zone. Even if you have been traveling across 3 continents. You will reprogram your mind on the new time before taking off in your first plane.

  • About different types of jet lag and why you may even feel jet lagged if you don't cross any time zones. You will discover how you can deal with this type of jet lag. Most jet lag experts neglect this important point.

  • Discover 2 cheap, natural herbal medicines, you can buy in any supermarket without subscription, that quickly adjust your internal clock to the new time zone. Learn how to use these medicines and why using them in the wrong way will make your jet lag worse instead of better.

  • Why scheduling the time when you sleep on the plane is essential and why it can make or brake your jet lag recovery. Most people who plan their sleep do it in a completely wrong way. Make sure you do it right!

  • Why sitting in the best place on the plane is crucial to avoid Jet Lag and how to get the seat you want. I'm not just talking about aisle, window or middle seat. This part may surprise you.

  • What's the one critical thing you need to do after taking a seat in the plane. This is something most people won't do till after they land but then it is too late.

  • Find out about the kind of food that can drastically diminish jet lag. And it's not just because it's healthy. Some healthy food is actually useless to fight jet lag ... eat right and feel right!

  • 3 things you should do when waking up in the morning in your new time zone. This is something that you do every morning but it needs to be done in the right order. Fortunately you have step by step directions.

  • 4 things you need to avoid early night. If you don't, you will not be able to fall asleep in your new time zone. Or you'll wake up in the middle of the night. But doing this right you sleep all night long, no matter how far you flew.

  • 3 things to do during the day to guarantee you sleep like a baby throughout the night. This works like a charm, even if you usually couldn't sleep because of your jet lag!

  • The different approaches you take in account when traveling east instead of west. Doing this wrong can make you sick for days.

  • How laziness can make you strong when fighting jet lag and when it makes your jet lag worse. May sound complicated but it's actually simple when you see my point.

  • How to get a full night sleep on the plane even if you could never sleep on a plane before and even if your flight is less than five hours. You land in your destination fully rested and ready to take on the tasks of the day.

  • How to get away with 2, 3, even 4 hours less sleep than you normally would and still wake up energetic and fully rested. This is especially convenient when changing sleeping habits in a new time zone and if you can't get much sleep while traveling.

What I'm teaching, can't be found anywhere else. It is a unique, bulletproof plan, tested in any possible situation.

What's more, you can...

There Is No Financial Risk. You Only Pay If The Program Works Completely Like I Promise!

That's right ...

Order your copy today. You don't even have to wait for it, as it is downloaded online right here from this web page. To download it, you only need to click one link .. that's how simple it is.

If, for any reason, you're not 100% happy with the program, send me one email. Within a week, your money will be back in your credit card

... you have my personal word on it!

But most likely it will never come to this. I receive very few refund requests, but endless thank you letters for the simple reason that the approaches you're learning, do totally eliminate the drowsiness and tiredness associated with the horrible draining Jet lag.

However, like stated before ... my money back guarantee is 100%, no questions asked, my dog ate it backed up. Plus you've plenty of time as you can test and try the approaches for a whole 60 day period before you decide!

And it's not that much to refund cause the guide is cheap ...

So How Much Does The Guide Cost?

To tell you the truth, when I first found the method to totally eliminate Jet Lag, I wanted to give it away for free. I know how much you're suffering because went through the same hell as you're in.

But my friends threaten to send me to a mental hospital!

They pointed out to me how ridiculous it was to give such a unique information for free.

People are buying artificial lights for $250 - $500 that only work for few of them and often make things worse instead of better. And I'm showing you how you naturally eliminate your Jet Lag naturally without tools.

The medicine business sells useless anti jet lag pills for millions a year ($25 - $59 a pack), eating candy would probably do you more good than crunching on these pills. They're giving you medicine but I'm showing you how not to become sick at all!

Not only that but ...

You're Actually Saving Money!

Because you don't have to plan extra days to get used to the new place and wear off your Jet Lag. If you go on a trip for 7 days it means seven days of action.

...Not 3 days of sick jet lag and 4 days for action!

Not to mention the loss of time from work and business and maybe even less profitable business deals, if your head is not working quite well because of the Jet Lag.

Imagine how different your trips are going to be when you're finally graced with full energy for work and play, clear mind to take on tasks of your trip and healthy body and soul from the time you start your trip until the pleasurable end.

I should charge at least $200 for this guide. But for a limited time I'm ready to give it to you for only $49. However I can't guarantee to keep this price.

So Jump On The NON Jet Lag Plane
And Download The Guide Now!

What are you waiting for ... in less than 5 minutes this important information, that is 100% adjustable to your personal situation and travel plans to eliminate your Jet Lag, can be yours.

  • There is NO waiting for shipment as you download the program online

  • There is NO waiting for results as the approaches work the very first day

  • There is NO risk as everything is 100% money back guaranteed

If you're tired of; feeling drowsy and blurry, lacking sleep and energy, and wasted body and soul when traveling ...

... Click here to download the guide!


Happy (and restful)travels!

- Christian Goodman



One of the questions I often get, is whether the guide works even if you've already landed and if you are suffering from Jet Lag right now.

The answer is YES!

Applying the methods I teach you in the guide, you get a quick relief from your pain. And you shouldn't have to feel jet lagged at all tomorrow.



Just to make one point from the letter more clear ...

As mentioned before, the guide is 100% money back guaranteed. This means that if you're not totally satisfied with what you receive, you only have to send me one email, within 60 days and I'll immediately refund your card.


You don't have to wait for the guide in the mail. You can begin applying it to your trip right away, when you download it here on this web page immediately after securing your copy.

So if you're about to take a trip or feeling the horrible draining effects from Jet Lag when reading this. Please ...

...Click here to download the guide!

Ready What Other Travelers Have
to Say About The Avoiding Jet Lag Plan:

"Just returned from Singapore and my fourth overseas trip using your Avoiding Jet Lag Plan. Like the other trip to Sweden. and two trips to Australia, I never experienced one moment of jet lag, thanks to your plan. I'm your strongest advocates, and would NEVER dream of taking such a trip without using your strategy again."

Allen Swift
Apple Computer, Inc.

"Until I began using the Avoiding Jet Lag system, I suffered acutely from horrible jet lag. In many instances, I needed four to five days to adjust and sometimes I was on my return trip without having adjusted. I travel overseas quite frequently - Europe, Australia and Asia, and since I have been using the Avoiding Jet Lag system, I have been able to overcome the effects of jet lag almost completely. I am very pleased with the results of system and have recommended it to the people in my organization."

John Brahma
General Motors, incorporated

"Your Avoiding Jet Lag plan really works. On a recent trip from San Diego to the London, my family and I suffered absolutely no fuzzy headedness, no inability to concentrate, not even very much fatigue. None of your anti-jet lag regimen interfered with our normal sleep, or ability to do useful work, or our enjoyment along the way. This experience contrasts sharply with a similar trip last year, after which we spent four days feeling sluggish."

The Gibbons family,
San Diego, USA  



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